Mondays Are Blue. Are Your Tuesdays Maroon?

Do you see the days of the week in colors? Do you hear notes of music and assign a smell to each note or series of notes? Or hear raindrops and see cubes of water falling from the sky?
Do you give the months of the year sounds? Do you give words flavors? Like the word “sacrifice” tastes like licorice? Do you blur the senses?

If any of this is true for you, there is a name for this: It is called synesthesia. And the people who enjoy this kind of sensory life are called synaesthetes, sometimes spelled synesthetes. (without the a)

I, personally, am a synaesthete and according to numerous articles written about this condition, most of us are artists and female. I see January as the color white. February as a dark red. When Friday rolls around, there is the color bright green in my mind. Saturdays, tan. July a bright light green, etc. Number three is pink. New York is gray. Detroit, purple.

And some synaesthetes don’t like colored fonts because they see black fonts in color anyway. Perhaps the shape of the serif in the letter or the boldness of the font may conjure up a color. I suffer from this form of synaesthesia as well.

I really had not thought about this as something special (I thought everyone mixed senses up this way), until the “condition” was brought to light and articles were written about it. Then I started asking around and I was surprised at how many people do not experience this. Do you?