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Please do not watch video if you suffer from epilepsy or complicated migraines!

Above is a very short video I took with my iPhone last night. It is a video of something called Steve Spangler’s Energy Stick. My daughter is activating the Energy Stick by touching the metal ends on the device. Its copy on the packaging (which I have never removed) says, “Watch Your Body Conduct Electricity!”

Moods can be contagious. A positive person can make us happy. The New Age considers every person to be encircled by an energy field. Ben Franklin, it is a common fact, made huge advances in the study of electrical storms and how, even beyond the practical application of electricity in our lives today, there is a rush and charge in the air when an atmospheric change such as a storm is about to occur.

The Energy Stick was given to me last Christmas by my husband. My mother had passed away four days before. In trying out the Energy Stick, since it was my present, I discovered there was no sound and no lights. Like the stick displayed for my husband and daughter! It was because of my grief over the loss of my mother that the stick did not respond to my energy. I threw it in my closet. Almost in the trash!

I pulled out the Energy Stick from my closet recently and touched the metal ends. To my great relief and surprise, my grief was subsiding! The sounds and colors were there!

A separate example of the manifestation of energy, was four years ago with my friend Lorraine. She accompanied me on a business trip to New York. We both were in a happy mood, even though I was there on business. Although solo art exhibitions are a positive thing for the artist – a time to celebrate, share and reflect – It is still business. I was in New York, being given a special reception this time, in addition to the customary opening reception where I was also in attendance the week before. We had enormous crowds the first time, over three hundred people came to see my video, “Bread In The Sky.” Therefore, I felt Lorraine and I could take a quick break to venture upstairs to the top floor of the gallery‘s building. We were drawn to the end of the hallway, and ended up hanging out the window, laughing about how, right there in Manhattan, a window could swing open into the “fresh” air! Looking right toward the Hudson River a block or so away, we marveled at the blue light, lightning and wind. There was the smell of ozone in the air.

When we returned to the gallery downstairs, Lorraine touched my silver bracelets by accident. She got a shock! My bracelet vibrated! It was as if my phone was on vibrate and someone was trying to reach me.

In the cab the next day, the driver told us about two tornadoes touching down in New York City the night before. And how it took him nine hours to get home due to fallen trees and power lines. On TV, Lorraine and I discovered the path of one of the tornadoes went directly through Chelsea. Through West 27th Street. Our window. Our fun. We were in the middle of the storm! In fact, my silver bracelets were probably struck by lightning!

Do you, my blogger friends, have any experience with energy, electrical and other?

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Day Seventy-Four/Image Seventy-Four

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

This collage was the signature piece for my “Afloat” show. I used it on all eblasts, the brochure and the invitations.

Day Twenty-Seven/Image Twenty-Seven

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Artist groups. Ah yes. Well, we are artists. We work alone, by ourselves, yet we come together to form a group. It is required that we do this. To become a part of the community and be a part of the building where we have our individual studios. The very thing that makes us separate and able to do our artwork is temporarily ditched when we unite to make decisions as a team. But the latter, I think we do very well. I think our personalities mesh. And I am grateful to be a part of this organization.

The group I am talking about is called The Euclid Arts Collective. I have served on its board many times, designed its invitation to its Holiday Sale many times, done publicity for the tours. Even escorted members of the High Museum’s Art Partners into my studio explaining the work I do until I have no breath left. We all do this. It is part of being a member. This counter intuitive idea of an artist being a part of a group is a paradigm of how art is supposed to find a purpose in the marketplace, be understood, loved, respected and absorbed into the culture. Not always does it work, but it tries.

Day Twenty-Three/Image Twenty-Three

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Day Five/Image Five

“Afloat.” Solo show. Ceres Gallery, New York. This one was one of my first collages In the series. I used the wrappers from cotton balls to make some of the bubbles. I think this one works well inside the square in a circular way. Your eye goes around and returns to the laughing baby. Compositionally, probably my best.

Day Four/Image Four

“Afloat” image. Solo show. Installation at Ceres Gallery, New York. This image is “taking place” in the air. Buildings in the sky floating upward, surrounded by birds.

Day Three/ Image Three

“Afloat” image. Ceres Gallery, New York. My solo show. I am building a new studio and have been dealing with sub-contractors now for two months. While this is going on, I see the new blank walls and I feel the need to reflect on work completed.

An artist’s show unearths the artist’s psyche. Changes the person. Especially a solo show as massive as my show, “Afloat.”

This piece includes a tornado. Striking an innocent village in the snow. Blue sky. Another one of my collages cut from magazines. (“Afloat” used no computer imagery or manipulation.) Perhaps I choose to talk about change and beginning anew because of this image. And, of course, what is going on in my life.

Day Two/Image Two

“Afloat” image. My solo show in New York at Ceres Gallery. This is one of 100 images that floated over the gallery walls. This piece, based on land, places a giant ring, twinkling and encircling a small house. The sparkles get along better with the sky and the field, texturally, and the house is happy to be safe.

Day One/Image One

“Afloat” image. Solo show of mine in New York in March 2013. An installation at Ceres Gallery, comprised of 100 images floating across the gallery walls. This one shows a swimmer lying on his back in one of the binocular lenses. With a black and white tidal wave about to swamp the stalker.

Mondays Are Blue. Are Your Tuesdays Maroon?

Do you see the days of the week in colors? Do you hear notes of music and assign a smell to each note or series of notes? Or hear raindrops and see cubes of water falling from the sky?
Do you give the months of the year sounds? Do you give words flavors? Like the word “sacrifice” tastes like licorice? Do you blur the senses?

If any of this is true for you, there is a name for this: It is called synesthesia. And the people who enjoy this kind of sensory life are called synaesthetes, sometimes spelled synesthetes. (without the a)

I, personally, am a synaesthete and according to numerous articles written about this condition, most of us are artists and female. I see January as the color white. February as a dark red. When Friday rolls around, there is the color bright green in my mind. Saturdays, tan. July a bright light green, etc. Number three is pink. New York is gray. Detroit, purple.

And some synaesthetes don’t like colored fonts because they see black fonts in color anyway. Perhaps the shape of the serif in the letter or the boldness of the font may conjure up a color. I suffer from this form of synaesthesia as well.

I really had not thought about this as something special (I thought everyone mixed senses up this way), until the “condition” was brought to light and articles were written about it. Then I started asking around and I was surprised at how many people do not experience this. Do you?