Day Nineteen/Image Nineteen

“Afloat Image.” Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

A darkened movie theatre. Brad Pitt on the screen. A flash of the projector. A few people shown viewing Brad Pitt. Just happened to be Brad Pitt.

I worked as a publicist for Orion Pictures through my advertising agency for about four years. I was in charge of movie “stars” and escorted them through endless press junkets and trips to Atlanta to see the press here. Waiting in airports and limousines with these stars, one at a time, with a friend/father/ their publicist in tow. Sometimes it was just me and the star sitting together somewhere talking about art.

They are artists too. They make money fast and they are famous. But they are artists. So we got along very well. No problems like I heard other publicists complain about. No problems at all.

I guess this piece was done in honor of the time where I saw three movies a week as part of my job.