Day Fifty-Three/Image Fifty-Three

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

This image is one of which I am fond. I don’t think many people gravitate towards it, because it is subtle. Also it has a lot going on. I just sold a few more of these in this series. As the buyers browse my collage “book” (the collages in print form), they tend to bypass this one.

Among others, they are attracted to the one of the ballet dancer, dancing on top of the water. One buyer in particular, is a doctor treating people with terminal illness. She said, although she really liked that one, that purchasing it would not be good for her patients because the water indicates danger, even though the dancer is “rising above” it.

I did not assemble these collages for a certain audience. I did them by the standards of what I feel is good art. If people like them and want to buy them, it is wonderful and affirming of my standards. But if they don’t purchase them, and some are left over, I have them to remind me of the process, which to me is the most important.