Day Sixty/Image Sixty

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Technique has never inspired an idea for one of my shows. Or even a title for a piece. By the way, titles mean very little to me. It’s a visual medium. If you have to look at the artwork through the lens of what the artist wrote as its title, you are not using the discipline for what it was intended. You are not looking.

A man and a woman walked into my exhibition, “Afloat: An installation” in New York last March. They were an extremely engaging couple. They “got” my work to an extent that no one usually does. We laughed and joked about things and it turned out they were artists.

The woman had been doing some work with crayon and a hair dryer. Blowing the hot wax around. Using acrylic paints as watercolors by watering them down and letting them drip. Artist talk. I enjoyed them immensely. They could see the theme of most of my collages was based on natural disasters. They were inspiring me to use the technique of paint running all over the canvas as something to try for my new body of work.

Mudslides and Meteorites.