Day Sixty-Six/Image Sixty-Six

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Not too long ago, my husband, daughter and I moved to the suburbs. Actually it was at the beginning of my daughter’s life. So I guess it has been a while. We had been living in the center of Atlanta, on a shadowy street not too far from where my studio is located. It was a traumatic move. In many ways.

Long before the move, I had been receiving acupuncture treatments for my sinus condition. For these doctor visits, we would get up early in the morning and drive very far out to what seemed to us, the edge of the earth. We felt, that if we drove just a little further, we would fall off. Like in the cartoons.

Feeling life is safer in the burbs, we looked for a house. Settling into the house that would be the house of our daughter’s childhood memories, we realized we were living in a home just beyond that point.

Beyond the edge of the earth.