Day Ninety/Image Ninety

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Since my sinus surgery, I have been eating a lot of Chinese food. The other day, I opened my fortune cookie. I noticed, that at this particular restaurant, the fortunes are so positive! “The Best Mirror Is Often A Good Friend”, “You Have The Makings Of A Winner.”

Other restaurants, not so. This one restaurant gave out cookies that were a little too personal. Positive, but personal. “The Love Of Your Life Is Sitting Next To You”, “You Are Soon Going To Change Your Line Of Work”, “You Will Be Invited To A Small Gathering With Lots Of Spicy Conversation.” Hey, not so close, Buddy!

It had me thinking. What if the fortunes were not only not positive, but downright menacing? Like, “The Man Across From You Is Really A Murderer” or (And you have to get into this: You have to picture yourself opening that cellophane wrapper with some difficulty, and with some degree of expectation, breaking the cookie and smoothing flat the small piece of paper, then struggling to read it), ”Be Careful Around The Next Curve.”

What would you think? I know my wallet has a fortune and its date on it next to every photograph. Fully expecting that the fortune is apt.

If I read “Your Next Business Move Will Be A Serious Mistake” or “Your Sister Is Going To Die In A Mining Accident”, my life would be full of angst and dread!

Let’s open the one that says, “Simplicity Of Character Is The Natural Result Of Profound Thought.”