Day Ninety-Four/Image Ninety-Four

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

It is Christmastime!

I dragged our nine foot Christmas tree, (with the help of three strong men), out of its storage place this year! Oh yes, I thought, this will be good. For the last four years we have not had the big tree. Two mediums and one very small one. All ours. All fake. Stored in our attic. This year, it had to be the big tree!

Why? I guess, because this year has not been the best. Oh, some good stuff. But not the things dreams are made of. The big tree, I thought, will take care of all that.

Until I realized, (and this does break the spell a little) that to decorate it, it would take seven hours. And roughly, although I have never counted them, all of my 1500 ornaments had to be carefully hung. There may be 2000, 2500, 3000! I don’t know. Yep, it did take seven hours.

It looks beautiful. Excessive. Laden. Like Tavern on The Green. Only more so.

If this Christmas tree is a talisman for dreams coming true, a shrine to happiness, never mind exultation, I think I accomplished all that. I think this upcoming year will be spectacular!

Spectacular, I hope, for you too!