The Shredding Skirt

The Shredding Skirt

My daughter goes off to college in a month. I have been getting her ready and this involves many trips to different doctors. On this day, I was on my way to a few of these necessary doctors’ appointments.

Putting on one of my favorite skirts, one I had not worn in a while, I was happy. It is a long black skirt of many tiers. Made out of Indian material. I bounced downstairs and out the door. To take my daughter to the dentist. Getting out of the car, I was still happy I had worn my long black skirt. At the dentist’s waiting room, I was still enjoying the skirt.

However, in the car on our way to the next doctor’s appointment, I noticed there was a split in one of the tiers. Oh, I thought, this can be remedied easily! I just had not noticed it before. Then, at a stop light, pulling up the skirt (It is a full skirt.), I saw holes in it. And more rips in the tiers. In fact the entire skirt was coming apart. This was like an scene from a science fiction movie.

Stepping down from my SUV, the skirt tore by way of one its holes. Mind you, these holes were not present when I left the house.

At the doctor’s appointment, I let my daughter go in by herself.(After all, she is eighteen years old anyway!) I stayed huddled in the waiting room as the skirt gently unravelled and left me with no lower garment.

Needless to say, I greeted the doctor in the waiting room, not getting up. And as I had its remaining pieces clutched to my lower half, I got in the car and drove to the nearest boutique.