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IMG_0536Look at the nice looking couple above. They were our next door neighbors. They left last week to move into a new house. Over the nineteen years we’d lived next door to each other, we became friends. We knew each other’s family secrets. We were in and out of each other’s houses. The one time I actually passed out due to drinking too much, it was when Ed (names have been changed) mixed martinis going down like water. I was on my feet and then I wasn’t. We acted like we were twenty. Eating cookies and brownies with untold ingredients. Drinking wine and OTC Wild Indian Cherry Bark Cough Syrup into the night. Dancing in each other’s basements, (Linda was from Philly too) decorated with lava lamps and disco lights. Yes we will miss them.

When we first moved into the neighborhood, I was skeptical. Both my husband and I had lived in “Intown Atlanta” for so long, I had the prejudice that those who live in Intown Atlanta have, that somehow Intown is a so much more diverse, culturally aware place to live. That the suburbs are boring and very “white male”. Our neighborhood may not be typical of the suburbs, but diversity here means more than having a lesbian living across the street.

In addition to gay couples owning several of the homes here, you practically need a passport to enter. Not that there is a gate at the entrance. There isn’t. People who live here are from all over the world. Our dog smells the incense from the Indian woman walking far down the sidewalk before I even see her in her sari. Three generations of Chinese people live in the house a few down from ours. Iraqi males still live across the way. Nigerian, Israeli, Colombian, Russian neighbors. I think Doug and I, along with our boogying friends next door were the only English speaking people living in this area. I am exaggerating, but you get the idea.

Anyway, we bonded with Linda and Ed. Ed even helped me put up sheetrock walls at the former location of Eyedrum Gallery when I built the projection room for my video, “Bread In The Sky.” The small gallery was hard to split into two spaces, but Ed made it happen. Linda accompanied me to New York City once when business demanded I go on short notice. She and I go to lunch frequently, which I hope will continue even though they don’t live here anymore. Their friendship means a lot to Doug and me. They will never be replaced. It was one of those times, when, we knew what we had when we had it. And not until after it was gone.

Day Sixty-Two/Image Sixty-Two

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

About a year ago, the son of a good friend of mine suggested I do a blog as part of my new website. I was fascinated at the time. I needed a new website and I consulted with him because I knew this guy is in the business of working with computers. ( Who isn’t? But this guy really is.)

It was a Thanksgiving chat and all was mellow. I didn’t give the blog much thought, except for the “live” aspect of it. What had been a static website before, showing my artworks in a gallery row, updating it from time to time, I was thrilled at the prospect of a blog. He said “People will come to your shows! You can post your work in progress!”

Now, eight months later, after hanging in with this blog, bumbling along and spending many obsessive/compulsive hours, its worth is sweet! It is like a still pool, where the depth is indeterminable. I have met many people this way. I don’t know them, but we tell each other stuff that makes my life richer. I learn about things I never would have cared to access. But I find these things more than interesting.

At any rate: Thanks, Sam Cook, for your suggestion!