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Day Four/Image Four

“Afloat” image. Solo show. Installation at Ceres Gallery, New York. This image is “taking place” in the air. Buildings in the sky floating upward, surrounded by birds.

Day Three/ Image Three

“Afloat” image. Ceres Gallery, New York. My solo show. I am building a new studio and have been dealing with sub-contractors now for two months. While this is going on, I see the new blank walls and I feel the need to reflect on work completed.

An artist’s show unearths the artist’s psyche. Changes the person. Especially a solo show as massive as my show, “Afloat.”

This piece includes a tornado. Striking an innocent village in the snow. Blue sky. Another one of my collages cut from magazines. (“Afloat” used no computer imagery or manipulation.) Perhaps I choose to talk about change and beginning anew because of this image. And, of course, what is going on in my life.

Day Two/Image Two

“Afloat” image. My solo show in New York at Ceres Gallery. This is one of 100 images that floated over the gallery walls. This piece, based on land, places a giant ring, twinkling and encircling a small house. The sparkles get along better with the sky and the field, texturally, and the house is happy to be safe.