Day Sixteen/Image Sixteen

“Afloat.” Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

I mentioned earlier I am building a new studio. I am waiting for the hardwood floor to dry, in order to put down a white particle board floor where I feel free enough to be messy. The space has natural light. Not quite the same amount as my current studio (which I will still keep) and it is equally spacious.

This blogging about my New York City installation benefits me, because I am ready to move on (or back) to painting, (predating my video days) using a much looser method. Going over each one of these tight collages helps me let them go. Let the control go. I love the wild combinations of things, which is a part of me and will not loosen its hold on me, but the execution will be different.

But, for now, by examining these collages, one by one, I am in love with this whimsical way of doing art. Also, how I put up a show, where the pieces drifted and floated around the gallery walls like objects floating on the water’s surface, bumping up against the shore. That was the artwork. The collages, components.