Day Forty-Five/Image Forty-Five

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Now that I’ve become gluten free, the lure of pizza is gone for me. I probably would not choose this subject matter if I were to do this collage today. Something like roasted Brussels sprouts would take root.

Being gluten free has not freed me from allergies yet, however. And when I think of how I constructed all these collages, I feel a little stopped up. The rubber cement evaporated in my sinus cavities. Glue stick is good, but it can take the finish off magazine slick.

Still, I love the process of putting one image on top of another. When I return to painting, as I plan to do soon, I will miss the ease with which I could construct something by merely trying it out in one spot, then another, before gluing it down and calling it a day.