I recently ordered these three “on sale” half gallons of acrylic paint from the art supply store at an amazingly inexpensive price. They are not the colors I would choose in a tube, because there is a certain amount of white in them and I like paints that are a purer hue. But since I am working on big canvases, I thought I would give it a try. Plus, each half gallon was only $7.00!!!

The blue has potential, as it is the most true to the Cerulean Blue you find in a tube.

I realize this is not interesting to someone who does not paint. But I probably lost that person a few minutes ago anyway.

My large canvas ( speaking to the folks still with me ,) is starting to collect collage pieces. Amazing huh? I figure my life’s work has been devoted to some form of collage, whether it be in video form or mixing it with paint. So yes, I started cutting out pieces from magazines ( old fashion magazines ) lying around the studio and all of a sudden, my heart started beating a little faster. Yes painting needs collage! I have spoken!

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