Page from recent Sketchbook Project entry, July 2, 2021.

Having not written a post for a while, I feel like all is new. Actually all is new, because WordPress has changed their way of doing things. This may not post at all, because of this! 

This is a page in my sketchbook; I did this at our community pool a few weeks ago. I am a part of The Sketchbook Project, which is an interesting thing in and of itself.

The company was created by a few artists who actually went to the same art school I did for my post graduate work. They send you a blank sketchbook, you draw in it, then you send it back to them. They digitize it, then it is kept in what they named The Brooklyn Art Library. They used to put all the sketchbooks that were sent back to them in a bus (28,000 at the time) and travelled around the country, setting up the library in major cities. Now the amount of sketchbooks has probably increased by such a huge amount that this is impossible.But, if you go to the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY, you can “check one out”!(#sketchbookproject).