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images I was told I would have bad karma.

A member of my family is not speaking to another member of the family. This has been going on for years. Rather than go into the drama of why she is not speaking to her, the family member just says, “She died in a mining accident!”

No further questions are asked. A look of horror passes over the questioner’s face and the subject is dropped.

We all thought this was best, since it really is boring to talk about family members’ wrong doings and such. And to play the victim is ridiculous. No one in my family is a victim. We may seek council from an attorney once in a while, but we are never victims.

One school day in the fall of fifth grade, our daughter was questioned about this family member as in, “Do you have any relatives living close by?” Our daughter answered, “Well, we did, but she died in a mining accident.” The teacher was not put off. He asked what mine. Our daughter said she did not know.

Since then we have filled in the blanks for everyone in our family, so that this second question does not throw us. Usually we just have to say, “She took one step back too far!”

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Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

Day Sixty-Eight//Image Sixty-Eight

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show

I am transitioning out of my present blog format for a very good reason: Showing the 100 collages in my current blog format is coming to a close. (We are on “Sixty-Eight”) To make the transition easier, (soon) , I am planning to blog about other art-related things interspersed with continuing to post the “Afloat” collages until I reach the 100. I will ease out of the front and center visual and few paragraphs of copy into something else.

I have a fear of boring my present followers. I am taking a risk. First, I have tried to keep my blog short. And primarily visual. People do not have time now to do anything but scan.

I am scheduled for another solo show in 2015. A solo show requires me to spend at least an entire year to bring it to its…

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Day Eighty/Image Eighty

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

A plane landing on water. At night.

Almost a week ago, I had sinus surgery. The doctor “ordered” it pretty quickly. Was good because I did not have too much time to worry about it. He told me it would be in my best interest to get the procedure done, and since the three of us had already planned to attend a college interview for our daughter eight hours away, we were hurling down a super scary highway at night. We left at night because I attended an art opening of a group show I was in. The interview the next day, then back home after another eight hour scary ride. I started to get ready.

Two days later, I was on the operating table. Pretty uneventful except for the anesthesiologist. He was interesting.

He told me he loved being the calm one in chaos. I almost pointed out (and this was before the relaxing drip started blurring my thoughts) that my painting, which hovers between abstraction and figuration always has a grid or structure behind the abstraction to anchor it. And to calm people down when they experience the painted turbulence. But I didn’t go into this. He seemed very “normal.” And I did not want to come off as offbeat in such a tense, for me, out-of-control situation. Hairnet on and all my defenses down.

He told me he went to Georgia Tech to become a Scientific Engineer. Then went to medical school and became a Marine in the Special Forces. He performed his duty as an anesthesiologist while hearing bombs fly over and strike near his base in Iraq.

The structural grid I put in my paintings to still the abstracted motion does not compare to his calm amid chaos. Still, I felt a connection.

Day Seventy-Nine/Image Seventy-Nine

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Asparagus. Used here like trees over the California Coast. How can an artist improve on the California Coast? I think I just did.

Day Seventy-Seven/Image Seventy-Seven

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Google captures some of my earlier stuff (Google captures everyone’s earlier stuff) where I went a little crazy with natural disasters. I even had a solo show in Atlanta where, although I did not mention natural disasters in the title of the exhibition, the entire body of work consisted of volcanoes and floods.

I exhibited in a solo show in New York with this kind of work also, but I did own up to the subject matter this time by using the title, “Tectonics”. In both of these shows and in all the work I do with this theme, I approach it from an aesthetic point of view. I love explosions, tidal waves, fire and brimstone. I like the chaos, color, motion and excitement. The nature of natural disasters encapsulates these things.

The above work is one of the collages from the “Afloat: An Installation” series, using this theme. Flames and explosions amid a lovely valley near a snow-covered mountain. I searched extensively to find magazines with fire, explosions and smoke on the printed page. (I do not use photoshop or internet images ever. All of my collage work is cut paper from magazines and other printed material) I like cut printed material for this type of art because even magazines are now on the internet. I am combining what-is-becoming old fashioned materials with an old fashioned medium.

What is not hard to find, however, in magazines, are flowers. And I love how I put the foreground flames side-by-side with over-sized flowers. As if to say, hey, all is okay.

Day Seventy-Five/Image Seventy-Five

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Pink. Looks like an advertisement for a cosmetic company. I cut out pictures of cotton balls on the plastic of cotton ball bags. Bubbles, baubles and a pretty face. Fun. A flower in the middle.

How I love its superficiality and innocence! And, as an art form, I love the integration of colors and shapes.

Day Seventy-Four/Image Seventy-Four

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

This collage was the signature piece for my “Afloat” show. I used it on all eblasts, the brochure and the invitations.

Day Sixty-Seven/ Image Sixty-Seven

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

There is an expression: “walking on air.” It generally means a person is so happy, his or her feet don’t touch the ground. Or that is the way the person feels.

I had this feeling once. It lasted a few months. I could not shake it. I tried, but I continuously felt, literally, that my feet were not connected to the ground.

It was after I had been accepted into a juried exhibition in New York, where Anne Umland, Curator, Painting and Sculpture Department for the Museum of Modern Art had selected one of my pieces for New York exhibition.

I had just started painting seriously, after I had left my full time job in Advertising. I had been in the studio constantly for a few years, working. I saw the ad for this show, applied and got in.

A lot of artists work hard. I am just one of them. Even a former professor of mine said, when I complained of this euphoria, (because, believe me, it became annoying not being connected to the ground!) “Enjoy it now! It won’t last!” Thinking how harsh he was, I kept painting and working.

Nothing on that great a scale has happened since. Similar career achievements and experiences have approached it, but never again did I get that feeling.

Day Sixty-One/Image Sixty-One

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

In a few days, it will be Halloween. I believe in working with nature, when decorating my yard. I’ll put up some Indian corn on the door, a pumpkin on the step, things like that. After dark, on Halloween night, my husband sets up a haunted house. It disappears mysteriously the next day.

But as other yards whiz by while I am running around in my car, I am forced to look at these huge, very huge inflatable Halloween pirate ships and ghosts, made of plastic and bright colors. Yesterday I saw an inflatable black cat the size of the bungalow in which is has to be stored off-season. Not only defying nature, but overcoming it. A Macy’s Day Parade balloon right there in broad daylight.

I prefer to keep my oversized creatures in my collages, not on my front lawn.