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Day Ninety-Six/Image Ninety-Six

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

If you look at this image, you see a man carrying a woman out of flames. You may think the man started the fire with a fallen ash from his cigar. That is the subject matter of the collage. I am going to try to explain the reason it is a work of art.

Compositionally, this is how I do a painting, collage or drawing when I work with a square.

I cut out magazine images I like. I never use photoshop or take images from the internet. In this case, I was working with two figures, but the process is the same as if I were working with shapes. I usually linked them together by color. As I did here, making the composition a spiral going counter clockwise. Beginning in the center and following the orange around. I broke it up with the blue/gray sky and the figures in black and white. But then I return to the orange again in the center of the circle.

Most of these one hundred square collages are successful because they are circular in composition. I may have strayed from the spiral format a few times, but I usually try to stick to that design pattern.

I know this is a dry way of looking at the piece, but it is the art part. I also know that some of my subject matter is a little zany, but by sticking to a good composition and adhering to good color relationships, the image “works.”

And then I can afford to think about the man and his cigar ash. And of course that woman is looking like, “Get me out of here!”

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Day Sixty-Three/Image Sixty-Three

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

This volcano looks happy! Lots of brightly colored dots coming out of its center! Certainly not harmful, destructive gases, lava and fire! But jelly bellies and grapes and bubbles!

These exclamation points above, both in the collage and in my opening paragraph, are not just because I am an exuberant person.

The printed sentence has no inflection. No tone of voice to soften a neutral comment that could be misinterpreted to mean something harsh. No tone of voice to explain something in a compassionate way. We have two options when we text or email someone. We can end the sentence with an exclamation point or a period.

At the risk of sounding a little nutty, I would rather end a sentence in an exclamation point than have someone take my sentence to mean that I am angry, sad, or dismissive. (It has…

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Day Seventy-Seven/Image Seventy-Seven

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Google captures some of my earlier stuff (Google captures everyone’s earlier stuff) where I went a little crazy with natural disasters. I even had a solo show in Atlanta where, although I did not mention natural disasters in the title of the exhibition, the entire body of work consisted of volcanoes and floods.

I exhibited in a solo show in New York with this kind of work also, but I did own up to the subject matter this time by using the title, “Tectonics”. In both of these shows and in all the work I do with this theme, I approach it from an aesthetic point of view. I love explosions, tidal waves, fire and brimstone. I like the chaos, color, motion and excitement. The nature of natural disasters encapsulates these things.

The above work is one of the collages from the “Afloat: An Installation” series, using this theme. Flames and explosions amid a lovely valley near a snow-covered mountain. I searched extensively to find magazines with fire, explosions and smoke on the printed page. (I do not use photoshop or internet images ever. All of my collage work is cut paper from magazines and other printed material) I like cut printed material for this type of art because even magazines are now on the internet. I am combining what-is-becoming old fashioned materials with an old fashioned medium.

What is not hard to find, however, in magazines, are flowers. And I love how I put the foreground flames side-by-side with over-sized flowers. As if to say, hey, all is okay.