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Piece Of My Heart

The Hambidge Center For Creative Arts And Sciences. Every year, for 19 years now, Hambidge has had an auction to raise money for its wonderful artists’ mountain retreat.

This year, the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta will be hosting the auction on May 31st. I have been asked to donate two pieces, one you see above. It is a drawing on Reeves paper, done with pencil. Reeves paper is so soft and special, it is an artist’s secret for making the pencils and erasers glide over the page. Darks are darker, and it is easy to erase. Lovely.

Some of you bloggers are familiar with my dislike of titles, but this one I just had to name “Water on Paper.” I think it is appropriate.

If you are in the Atlanta area May 31st, there is not a more interesting event to attend. For more information, click here.

The Sketchbook Project

“The Sketchbook Project Is A Traveling Library Of Artists’ books Created By Thousands Of People from Across The Globe.”

The company is based in Brooklyn, NY.

I decided my latest work, would be to do a sketchbook. The theme: “Capes, Masks and Tights”, focusing as you can see on “Tights.”

I have not even begun, but already the images of the lower half of figures in tights has woven its way into my thoughts.

Anyone can do a sketchbook, have it digitized and then let it travel around the country as part of a library. The idea for this was formed by some folks from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

I find these origins appropriate for me, since I live in Atlanta, did postgraduate work at Atlanta College of Art (now Savannah College of Art and Design), grew up, in part, in the New York area. And exhibit my artwork in New York and Atlanta now.

The sketchbook is a great way for artists to get “unstuck.” To keep doing work. Get ideas flowing, and to enjoy the finished product.