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Day Sixty-Eight//Image Sixty-Eight

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show

I am transitioning out of my present blog format for a very good reason: Showing the 100 collages in my current blog format is coming to a close. (We are on “Sixty-Eight”) To make the transition easier, (soon) , I am planning to blog about other art-related things interspersed with continuing to post the “Afloat” collages until I reach the 100. I will ease out of the front and center visual and few paragraphs of copy into something else.

I have a fear of boring my present followers. I am taking a risk. First, I have tried to keep my blog short. And primarily visual. People do not have time now to do anything but scan.

I am scheduled for another solo show in 2015. A solo show requires me to spend at least an entire year to bring it to its conclusion.

In addition to planning what I will do for the blog, I must first plan what I will do for the show.

And part of the blog material will come from experiences with my new studio and my old studio. Successes and challenges with technique and subject matter, (I’ll keep problems with people to a minimum), materials, time, commuting back and forth for supplies and to work.

I won’t show any finished work, I don’t think. Since the exhibition is for that. I will focus on experience and process. Even in my “Afloat” blog, where I showed finished pieces, I described process and sometimes I drifted into memories. This too will happen. I doubt it will be a “How to Put Together a Solo Show” type of thing. I’ll just see how it goes.

I am not ready to break away from these little collages yet, however.

Day Sixty-Four/Image Sixty-Four

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Happy Halloween! Today is the day all of us have the freedom to “be” someone different. To wear a costume and play another role. To either be on the receiving end of candy handouts or the giving end.

Looking at this collage now, I feel incredibly free! The energy with which this dancer is making her leap, arms up, indicating complete abandon! But she is not free, really. Text messages are coming in. They are finding her out in the middle of this American West wilderness.

Be mindful, if you can, this Halloween, to put your phone on vibrate, your computer on hold. To dress up and wear your crown! To leap across the room and be someone else today. It’s Halloween!

Day Twenty/Image Twenty

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Strange tree with woman mixed up in it.

Day Seventeen/Image Seventeen

“Afloat.” Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Orchids in the snow. How is this for juxtaposition?

Day Eleven/Image Eleven

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Color blue. I have a preference for it. Doesn’t mean it works with paintings/collages just because I like it.

This, to me, expresses the climate changes going on now. Water, canyons, floods, tsunamis. I like the color blue here with the light dull orange.

Day 10/Image 10

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. Solo Show. New York.

This collage contains a huge flower in the foreground, in front of a very large crowd in an outside environment. Like an outdoor concert. The texture of the flower is similar to the “texture” of the crowd, linking them in an almost indecipherable mass of dots.

I have no idea how to comment on this, other than to say I love how two disparate subjects could look alike and form an abstraction.

More later on how this idea formed the making of these collages, rather than my focusing on the eerie, sometimes funny subject matter that does come up.

Day Nine/Image Nine

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York Solo Show.

This one is shown in its exhibition frame. I am back in town and have access to all my photos. This was intentionally done as a “Close-Encounters” thing. The traveling lights in the distance. About to land.

These collages evolved from the whimsical idea of cutting up magazines and seeing what I could do with no paint involved, as I was accustomed to using. I did one, then two. I had so much fun just “playing” (always hating that expression when it comes to artwork, because art is hard WORK.)

My solo show loomed ahead and subject matter was undecided.

I had been working on a video. I worried about focusing only on the video for the show. Working under pressure is never good. And doing animation is meticulous. Being meticulous and being nervous don’t go together.

I decided to continue with these collages, thinking “Oh, I am having so much FUN, it will be easy to RELAX and do them….100 of them….for the solo show.”

I should not admit this, but looking back, I really don’t think making them was FUN. All principles of doing art were involved. And certainly, when I hit 26, after slaving away, the rest seemed to be a torturous number. Looming in the distance.

Much like these space crafts about to land.

Day Six/Image Six

This is an unframed collage from my solo show “Afloat”. Ceres Gallery. New York. Photo taken in my studio just after I finished it. My love of water. Joyful feeling of the man in front of the wave. Reminds me of childhood times in the summer.

Day Five/Image Five

“Afloat.” Solo show. Ceres Gallery, New York. This one was one of my first collages In the series. I used the wrappers from cotton balls to make some of the bubbles. I think this one works well inside the square in a circular way. Your eye goes around and returns to the laughing baby. Compositionally, probably my best.

Day Three/ Image Three

“Afloat” image. Ceres Gallery, New York. My solo show. I am building a new studio and have been dealing with sub-contractors now for two months. While this is going on, I see the new blank walls and I feel the need to reflect on work completed.

An artist’s show unearths the artist’s psyche. Changes the person. Especially a solo show as massive as my show, “Afloat.”

This piece includes a tornado. Striking an innocent village in the snow. Blue sky. Another one of my collages cut from magazines. (“Afloat” used no computer imagery or manipulation.) Perhaps I choose to talk about change and beginning anew because of this image. And, of course, what is going on in my life.