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Day Seventy-One/Image Seventy-One

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Pansies. I love pansies. Here they thrive in the winter. Rows and clusters of them are being planted in huge quantities now at all gas stations, median strips, apartment complexes. People are buying them to put in their flower beds. I am too busy with this blog, I don’t know how I am going to get any artwork done.

But when I see pansies. With their sweet, upturned faces, sometimes shivering in the cold, I turn all Southern and say, “They hung the moon.”

Day Sixty-Nine/Image Sixty-Nine

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

The basement studio is almost finished. Everything in it is white. Floor, walls, table, brick wall. I am even spray-painting random “junk” items to reside there. Still keeping my studio downtown, which remains my sanctuary.

Everything is crystal-clear in my studio downtown: focus, attention to detail, ideas. It’s a wonderful space, located in an historical building on the National Historical Building Register. Heat is negligible. And in the summer it’s very hot. Peeling lead wall paint and asbestos flooring (which I covered with particle board.) An earthly place. I can totally relax.

There, the floor and walls are white too, as color is important to me. Do you know that surrounding white extracts a small amount of color out of every color? When I paint there, I make the colors brighter. When work is in a gallery, the effect is the same. Hence my desire for white. I wanted to be working on things as they will be seen.

Recently I hung a painting of mine, not too large, maybe 36″ x 48″ in a patron’s (Is that too pretentious?) office. The man has taupe walls and some blue on an adjacent wall. The blue “matched” and the taupe “matched.” It sold the painting. I have to admit, the colors were exactly were the same. My purist preference would have been, to have him appreciate the artwork on its own, which he truly did. But the matching, well you know….. To sell a painting is so wonderful, but to sell one appreciated on its own terms is even better.

Again, white is everywhere. To keep me on the right path.

Day Thirty-Six/Image Thirty-Six

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Day Thirty-Four/Image Thirty-Four

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Day Thirty-Three/Image Thirty-Three

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo show.

Art has to work visually. Someone I know said recently, that art is non-verbal philosophy. This blog is where I usually go on and on describing and explaining these pieces. As I look at them NOW. I try to resurrect feelings that I may have had at the time I did them, but really, when I did these images, I was merely putting one cut-out magazine piece with another, making the art flow within the 5″ square.

Going with that, look at the bee climbing the curtain.

I am not excusing myself from the descriptions I usually give. Nor am I trying to get out of giving the work some sort of significance. For this image, just look. After all, art is a visual experience. Without prompting.

Day Twenty-Six/Image Twenty-Six

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Day Twenty-Four/Image Twenty-Four

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

Day Twenty-Three/Image Twenty-Three

“Afloat” Image. Ceres Gallery. New York. Solo Show.

No computer manipulation, as I mentioned before. No internet images. This one was difficult to do because of the different types of paper used. And the glue corresponding to the different types of paper.

Other than that, little to say except it was one of my first, and I was trying to get away from my natural disaster subject matter. Bubbles and a baby were to replace tornadoes and floods. Sweeter was the intent. The result?